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The Last Century

tue 7 aug 2018 20:00 

Music by 20th-century composers.

Music and Technology VIII.

The rise of the computer created new possibilities for composers. It was possible to produce an endless number of sounds and very complex rhythms. In some cases, part of the composition process itself is left to the computer. You can listen to some examples of this in this episode.


1 – Hans Werner Henze. Tristan. Homero Francesch, piano. Kölner Rundfunk Sinfonie Orchester led by Hans Werner Henze.

2 – Lejaren Hiller and Leonard Isaacson. Illiac Suite. Composition String Quartet.

3 – Iannis Xenakis. Morsima-Amorsima. Jean-Claude Bernède, violin; Paul Boufil, cello; Jacques Cazauran, double bass; Georges Pludermacher, piano.

4 – Lejaren Hiller. Expo ’85.

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