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The Last Century

thu 2 apr 2020 20:00 
Composers: Béla Bartók | Franz Liszt

Bela Bartók.

This year is the 75th anniversary of Béla Bartók’s death. He and Franz Liszt are considered to be the most important Hungarian composers. Bartók was one of the key figures of 20th century classical music, and he was also very important for Hungarian folk music.  Every first Thursday of the month the Concertzender will bring you his music.


1 – Béla Bartók. From For Children: ‘Swine-herd’s Dance‘. Sylvia Parker, piano.

2 – Bartók. Romanian Christmas carols. Sylvia Parker, piano.

3 – Bartók. String Quartet no. 1. Bartók Quartet.

4 – Bartók. Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs. Lili Kraus, piano.


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