The Last Century

thu 21 may 2020 20:00 

The sound of the United States of America

Spurred by composers from “ancient” Europe, on the other side of the ocean an American classical style emerged with its own language and dynamics partly inspired by Afro-American influences such as the Blues and Jazz. American classical music also made frequent use of folk music, hymns and homegrown church music. In the 20th century this development accelerated and led to big names such as Charles Ives, Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein and many others. Unmistakably American, original and unique.



1 – Elliott Carter. (see picture) Elegy.
Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra led by Gerard Schwarz.

2 – Charles Ives. Orchestral set no. 2.
Het Concertgebouw Orkest led by Michael Tilson Thomas.

3 – Aaron Copland. Rodeo- Four Dance Episodes.
New York Philharmonic, led by Leonard Bernstein.

4 – Leonard Bernstein. Chichester Psalms part III.
New York Philharmonic, led by Leonard Bernstein.