The Last Century

Beethoven and the 20th century – 6

This is the sixth broadcast with works of 20th-century and 21st-century composers who were inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven. Today you will hear several short pieces for piano and three works for orchestra in different compositions.



  1. York Höller: Weit entfernt und doch so nah
  2. Stefan Thomas: Bagatelle mit cis
  3. Moritz Eggert: Hämmerklavier XXV – Abweichung
  4. Stefan Cassomenos: Twilight in Bonn
  5. Leander Ruprecht: Sonata in D minor (2nd version)
  6. William Kraft: A moment of your time

Susanne Kessel, piano

  1. Ludwig van Beethoven/Brett Dean: String Quartet No.7, Op. 59 No.1 in F major ‘Razumovsky’- Adagio molto e mesto (Arrangement for flute, clarinet and string orchestra). Örebro Chamber Orchestra conducted by Brett Dean
  2. Brett Dean: Testament. Örebro Chamber Orchestra conducted by Brett Dean
  3. Johannes Maria Staud: Maniai. Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks conducted by Mariss Jansons
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