The Last Century

Bela Bartok XIV.

Along with Franz Liszt, Barók is considered the greatest Hungarian composer. He was one of the key figures in the last century’s classical music, but he was also crucial for Hungarian folk music. Every first Thursday of the month, Concertzender will broadcast his music.


– Béla Bartók. Out of Doors: 5. Jacht. Andreas Bach, piano.

– Edgar Varèse. Ionisation. The New Percussion Ensemble conducted by Raymond des Roches.

– Bartók. Music for strings, percussion and celesta. Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pierre Boulez.

– Bartók. Sonata for two pianos and percussion: 1. Assai lento – Allegro molto. Katia and Marielle Labèque, piano. Sylvio Gualda and Jean-Pierre Drouet, percussion.

– Bartók. Pieces from ‘Mikrokosmos’. Ditta Bartók-Pásztory and Mária Comensoli, piano.

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