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The Last Century

wed 12 may 2021 19:00 hrs

Music by 20th-century composers.

Jazz influences in classical music – 4 (Germany)

Today another episode in the programme series about the jazz influences in classical music from the twentieth, and sometimes twenty-first, century. Each programme is about a particular country, in this episode, that will be Germany (and Austria).



  1. Paul Hindemith: Suite for piano, Op. 26 (‘1922’). Ivo Janssen, piano
  2. Stefan Wolpe: Suite from the Twenties. Ebony Band conducted by Werner Herbers (Arr. Geert van Keulen)
  3. Ernst Krenek: Suite uit ‘Jonny spielt auf’ (Arr.). Asya Fateyeva, saxophone; Florian Donderer, violin; Tanja Tetzlaff, cello; Stepan Simonian, piano
  4. Boris Blacher: Jazz-Koloraturen. Katharina Richter, soprano; Christian Peters, alto saxophone; Markus Weidmann, bassoon
  5. Boris Blacher: Blues – Española – Rumba philharmonica für 12 Violoncelli solo. Die 12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker
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