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The Last Century

wed 18 jan 2023 19:00 hrs

French composer Florent Schmitt, who lived from 1870 to 1958, has sometimes been called the most fascinating of France’s lesser-known composers.


In his early days he was held in high regards by Ravel, Debussy and Stravinsky, among others, but because of anti-Semitic sentiments before and during WW2 he fell somewhat into oblivion. And that is a great shame, as you can hear in this “The Last Century”.


1. Florent Schmitt; La Tragédie de Salomé, suite for orchestra, opus 50.

2. Florent Schmitt; Psalm 47 for soprano, orchestra, organ and choir, opus 38.

3. Florent Schmitt; Legend for saxophone and orchestra, opus 66


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