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The Last Century

wed 12 jun 2024 19:00 hrs
Composer: Thomas Adès

Young Thomas Adès – 1

Thomas Adès is one of the most important contemporary, British composers. During this episode of The Last Century, we will focus on his early compositions, mainly from the time he studied at Cambridge University.




Thomas Adès

  1. The lover in winter
    Robin Blaze (countertenor), Huw Watkins (piano)
  2. Chamber Symphony, Op. 2
    Birmingham Contemporary Music Group conducted by Thomas Adès
  3. Catch, Op. 4
    Thomas Adès (piano), Lynsey Marsh (clarinet), Anthony Marwood (violin), Louise Hopkins (cello)
  4. Fool’s rhymes, Op. 5
    Tom Poster (piano), Hugh Webb (harp), Richard Benjafield (percussion), Christopher Bowers-Broadbent (organ), Polyphony conducted by Stephen Layton
  5. Living Toys, Op. 9
    London Sinfonietta conducted by Markus Stenz
  6. Darknesse visible
    Thomas Adès (piano)
Produced by:
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