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thu 4 jan 2018 14:00 

Music for Leisure


Attention for the accordion. Both as solo and orchestra instrument.

De Nederlandse Organisatie voor Accordeon en Mondharmonica dedicates itself for  individual players and for accordion ensembles. In this episode two Concertzender recordings with:
1) Het Nederlands Symfonisch Accordeon Orkest and
2) Vincent van Amsterdam on accordion.

This is a repeat of 13 July 2017.


1. Johann Sebastian Bach / arr. Tim Fletcher – Passacaglia and Fugue BWV 582

2. Astor Piazzolla / arr. Tim Fletcher – Tangazo

Nederlands Symfonisch Accordeon Orkest conducted by Tim Fletcher

Concertzender recording 16 March 2017. Concertzaal Factorium in Tilburg.
Technique: Larva Peruzzotti

3. Willem Boogman (1955) – Nous le chant III (2015)

ASKO kamerkoor conducted by Lodewijk van de Ree. Jos Leussink, organ. Felipe Mora, keyboard. Evert de Cock, sound direction. Vincent van Amsterdam, accordion.

Concertzender recording 18 October 2015. Het Cenakel, Tilburg.
Technique: Wijnand de Groot


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