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thu 4 oct 2018 14:00 hrs

Music for Leisure

On 14 June 1989 the Amsterdam University Choir performed with the Van Gendt Wind Quintet in the English Church in Amsterdam. The played – at that moment –

new works of Dutch composers for mixed choirs and wind quintets.
Contemporaneous compositions for comparable ensembles show a varied image of the Dutch way of composing in the 1980s. Conductor Anthony Zielhorst adds that the search for a repertoire for choir and wind quintet barely resulted in more compositions than the works we are going to listen to today.

1. Wim Franken (1922-2012) – Eine kleine Mozartreise (1980)

2. Antoon Maessen (1919-1997) – 3 Canzonettes (1986)

3. Wim de Ruiter (1943) – Toen er nog geen auto’s waren (1981)

4. Carlos Michans (1950) – Dood paard (1986) uit: Zes Gelderse gedichten

5. René Pieper (1955) – Achterbergliederen (1986)

Amsterdam University Choir and Van Gendt Quintet led by Anthony Zielhorst

Concertzender recording English Church. 14-6-1989 techn. Wijnand de Groot

6. Jan Coeck – Dat stuk met die fagot (1994)

Composed Children’s Choir led by Marijke Coghe, Ensemble Oxalys Phaedron DDD 92022

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