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The Night: Classical

Works by Haydn, Ten Holt, McLaughlin, Sylvia Maessen, Couperin & Förster.

00:00 Joseph Haydn.
1. Missa Angustiis ‘Lord Nelson Mass’ .
2. Symphony no 102 in B flat Major.
Boston Baroque conducted by Martin Pearlman.

01:00 Simeon Ten Holt.
Canto Ostinato, version for 2 synthesizers.
Sandra & Jeroen van Veen, keyboards & synthesizers.

03:25 Works by the Irish composer Scott Mc Laughlin.
1. Surfaces of emergence.
Metastable Collective.
2. There are neather wholes nor parts.
Iain Harrison, alto saxophone.
3. At least two things.
Performed by the Amsterdam Trio Scordatura.

03:55 Sylvia Maessen.
Songs ‘Inspired by poetry’.
Irene Maessen, soprano. Sylvia Maessen, double bass. Eleonore Pamijer, flute, and others.

04:35 Simeon ten Holt.
Solo Duivels Dans II (1986).
Jeroen van Veen, piano.

05:45 François Couperin. Les Nations.

06:40 Johann Christoph Friedrich Förster. Oboe concerto in c minor.
Xenia Löffler, oboe. Batzdorfer Hofkapelle.


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