The Night: Classical

Here we have some recent CD releases with works of Veneziano, Farina, Nyman, Glass, Susman, Santero, Diderik Wagenaar, Menalled, Van Bergeijk, Baroni, Giménez, Mettraux, Menoud, Munch, Gómez, Schneider, Corrales, Hoch, Vivaldi, Hosokawa & Loeb.

00:00 Gaetano Veneziano (1656-1716).
In Officio Defunctorum.
Ensemble Odyssee.

01:00 Antonio Farina (ca. 1675). Serenate Napoletane and works of contemporary artists.
Ensemble Odyssee.

02:00 Piano music in the Film:
1. Michael Nyman. The Piano, The Diary of Anne Frank and others.
2. Philip Glass. The hours & The Truman Show.
3. William Susman. When medicine got it wrong.
Francesco di Fiore, piano.

02:45 De CD Modelo Moves van ensemble Modelo62.
1. Santiago Santero. Sarabando.
2. Diderik Wagenaar. …e mi sovvien…
3. Ezequiel Menalled. The inner sounds of my mind.
4. Gillius van Bergeijk [zie foto]. Landschap met rode wolk.
5. Claudio F. Baroni. For 62 I & II.
6. Gonzalo Giménez. Linarias.
Ensemble Modelo62.

03:50 Swedish music from 2009, part 1,
with works of Mettraux, Menoud, Munch, Gómez, Schneider and Corrales.
Ensemble Vortex, Dana Ciocarlie, piano.
Basel Sinfonietta.

05:15 Swedish music from 2009, part 2.
Francesco Hoch. Trio ‘Ischia’
Schweizer Klaviertrio.

05:30 The CD Sounds & Clouds of Holland Baroque with concerts of Antonio Vivaldi interspersed with parts from the Singing Garden in Venice by Japanese  composter Toshio Hosokawa.
Holland Baroque with Jeremias Schwarzer, recorder.

06:40 David Loeb. Shirakawago, for guitar.
Terry Champlin, guitar.

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