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The Night: Classical

Works of Lloyd, Judith Bailey, Anton Zimmermann, Doyle, Van Nieuwkerk & Rachmaninoff

04:00 works of George Lloyd & Judith Bailey.
1. Judith Bailey.
a. Havas – a period of Summer, opus 44.
b. Concerto for Orchestra.
2. George Lloyd. Four orchestral pieces.
Bath Philharmonia conducted by Jason Thornton.

05:25 Alfred Zimmermann (Swiss, 1955).  Cuellis par la mémoire des voute.
XASAX sax quartet.
Camerata Zürich conducted by Marc Kissóczy.

05:25 Roger Doyle. Piano works:
Among others Baby Grand & Ten thems (all is bright).
Roger Doyle, piano.

06:30 Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk.
1. So Tear. La Fontegara, Amsterdam.
2. Always fair weather. BRISK

06:50 Sergei Rachmaninoff. Three piano preludes:
1. Prelude in C sharp, opus 3 no 2.
2. Prelude in F sharp, opus 23 no 1.
3. Prelude in B flat, opus 32 no 11.
Lukas Geniusas, piano.

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