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The Night: Classical

Works of Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, Fitzenhagen, Visée, Monteverdi, Bach, Vivaldi, Eisenga & Susman.

01:00 Johannes Brahms.
1. Piano trio nr. 1 in B, opus 8. 2. Piano Quartet nr. 3 in c, opus 60.
Trio Wanderer, together with Christoph Gaugué, viola.

02:15 Ludwig van Beethoven.
Zwei Präludien durch alle Dur-Tonarten, opus 39.
Ronald Brautigam, fortepiano.

02:20 Three Violin sonatas:
1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Sonata in G, KV 301.
2. Ludwig van Beethoven. Sonata in A, opus 47 ‘Kreutzer’.
3. Johannes Brahms. Sonata in D flat, opus 108.
Ursula Bagdasarjanz, violin. Accompanied by pianists Luciano Sgrizzi & Bruno F. Saladin.

03:30 Wilhelm Fitzenhagen (1848-1890).
1. Cello concert nr. 1 in b, opus 2. 2. Cello concert nr. 2 in a ‘Fantastique’, opus 4.
Alban Gerhardt, cello. German Berlin Symphony Orchestra conducted by Stefan Blunier.

04:05 Robert de Visée (1655-1733). Musique de la Chambre du Roi: Suites for recorder, traverso, harpsichord, theorbo & viola da gamba.
Manuel Staropoli, recorder & flute. Lorenzo Cavasanti, recorder. Massimo Marchese, theorbo. Cristiano Contadin, viola da gamba. Manuel Tomadin, harpsichord.

04:45 Claudio Monteverdi. Madrigals from book 7.
Le Nuove Musiche conducted by Krijn Koetsveld.

05:20 Johann Sebastian Bach.
1. Fuga after a theme by Corelli, BWV 579. 2. Allegro from concert in c (after Telemann), BWV 985. 3. Canzona in d, BWV 588. 4. Chorale Prelude ‘Jesus Christus, wir sind hier’, BWV 666.
BRISK Recorder Quartet.

05:35 Antonio Vivaldi. Two bassoon concerts:
1. Concert in F, RV 491. 2. Concert in G, Rv 492.
Sergio Azzolini, bassoon. L’Onda Armonica.

05:55 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Piano works:
1. Sonata in C, KV. 279. 2. Twelve Variations in C, KV. 179.
Kristian Bezuidenhout, fortepiano.

06:35 1. Douwe Eisenga. Theme by Wiek (2009). 2. William Susman. a. Quiet Rhythms: Prologue and action no. 4 (2010). b. Quiet Rhythms: Prologue and action no. 18 (2012).
Erika Tazawa, piano.


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