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The Night: Classical

Eisenga, Susman, Scriabin, Bellafronte, Pärt, Vaughan Williams, Ratcliff & Piazzolla.

03:00 1. Douwe Eisenga. Theme by Wiek (2009). 2. William Susman. a. Quiet Rhythms: Prologue and action no. 4 (2010). b. Quiet Rhythms: Prologue and action no. 18 (2012).
Erika Tazawa, piano.

03:22  Alexander Scriabin. Twelve Piano etudes, opus 8.
Dmitri Alexeev, piano.

03:55 Raffaele Bellafronte.
1. Nights in Broadway, for brass quintet. 2. Midnight plays. 3. Oasi alla mente.
4. Arakathalama. Gomalan Brass. I Filarmonici di Busseto and others.

04:40 Arvo Pärt.
1. The Beatitudes. 2. Berliner Messe. 3. Spiegel im Spiegel.
Daniel Justin & Thomas Leech, organ.
Leeds Cathedral Choir conducted by Benjamin Saunders.

05:20 Ralph Vaughan Williams. Piano quintet in c.
Members of the Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble.

05:48 Cary Ratcliff.
Ode to common things, after a text by Pablo Neruda.
Lauren Snouffer, soprano. Laura-Mercado Wright, mezzosoprano. Conspirare Chamber Players conducted by Craig Hella Johnson.

06:35 Astor Piazzolla / arr. Manuel Barrueco & Alessio Nebiolo.
The Five Tango Sensations. Alessio Nebiolo, guitar. Quartett Orfeo.


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