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The Night: Classical

Works of Bartók, Kupkovic, Wilson, Weiss, Bach, David Kellner [see picture], and Vivaldi.

04:00 Works for Violin and Accordion:
1. Bela Bartok. Romanian folk dances, opus 7. 2. Ladislav Kupkovic. Souvenir.
Cécile Huijnen, violin. Mariek Grotenhuis, accordion.

04:45 Ian Wilson. Una Santa Oscura. (this obscure Santa = Hildegard von Bingen).
Ioana Petcu-Colan, violin, with tape accompaniment.

05:35 Lute works of Silvius Leopold Weiss, Johann Sebastian Bach and David Kellner [see picture]. Silvius Leopold Weiss: Ciacona in G minor. David Kellner: Chaconne in A major.
Bernard Hofstötter, lute.

06:35 Antonio Vivaldi. Two Bassoon Concertos:
1. Concerto in F major, RV 491.  2. Concerto in G major, Rv 492.
Sergio Azzolini, bassoon. L’Onda Armonica.

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