The Night: Classical

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The works of Elfferich [see picture], Potet, Riley, Schubert, Sjostakovitsj, Lutoslawski, Weinberg & Vivaldi.

01:00 Works for two pianos by Jeroen Elfferich (born 1965) [see picture].
1. Himmel.   2. Overpass.
3. The Long Wave.   4. Wasser.
5. Piano Mantra One.   6. Zero.
Jeroen Elfferich, piano 1 & 2.

01:45 Works of the French composer Nils Potet.
Featuring Émanations (2011) & Lointaines résonances (2013).
Realisation: Nils Potet.

03:00 Terry Riley (born 1935, America). ‘In C major’, composition in twelve parts.
Jeroen van Veen, piano & keyboards.

04:15 Franz Schubert.
1. Ouverture in C minor, D.8a.
2. String quartet in E flat major, D. 87.
3. String quartet fragment in C minor, D.703.

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