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The Night: Classical

Works by Tinel [pictured above], Jongen, De Boeck, Lekeu & Meulemans.

 04:01 Polyeucte

Edgar Tinel
Fabrice Bollon (conductor), Flanders Symphony Orchestra

 04:21 Quartet for piano, violin, viola and cello, op.23

Joseph Jongen
Ensemble Joseph Jongen

 05:09 Symphony in G major

August De Boeck
Fabrice Bollon (conductor), Flanders Symphony Orchestra

 05:48 Sonata for cello and piano V.65 in F minor.

Guillaume Lekeu
Herre-Jan Stegenga (cello), Sae Jung Kim (piano)

 06:40 Concerto for orchestra no.1

Arthur Meulemans
Martyn Brabbins (conductor), Antwerp Symphony Orchestra

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