The Night: Contemporary Music

Contemporary Music Night #51 – Wandelweiser # 29.
The Fifty-First two-weekly Contemporary Music Night on Concertzender with tonight Episode Twenty-Nine of an about Thirty episode series with all the published records of the Edition Wandelweiser label in chronological order from 1996 till now.

 John McCowen

1. John McCowen. Mundanas (2018) IV-V. 15:51
John McCowen, Madison Greenstone: clarinets.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 1811

 Erik Satie

2. Erik Satie. Socrate (1918) I.-III. 31:20
Olalla Alemán: soprano. Guy Vandromme: piano.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 1812
   Antoine Beuger

3. Antoine Beuger. ..Of being Numerous (2015). 60:35
Antoine Beuger: flute, voice, objects. Colectivo maDam: David Area: synthesizer, voice, objects. Joan Espasa: bass clarinet, voice, stones. Tomás Gris: melodica, voice, objects. Rubén: sinewaves, voice, objects. Víctor: singing bowls, voice, objects. Guillermo Torres: flugelhorn, voice, stones.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 1901
   Hans-Jürg Meier

4. Hans-Jürg Meier. Colours de la Rose (2001). 30:54
Trio Lepic: Vera Fischer: flutes. Franziska Müller: oboes. Rico Gubler: saxophones.
5. Hans-Jürg Meier. Presso il Passo di Cristallina (1993). 8:02
Samira el Ghatta, Andel Strube: recorders.
6. Hans-Jürg Meier. Diaphanès (Durchscheinend) (2015). 24:07
Sarah Giger, Nadja Camichel, Sarah von Cornewal: baroque flutes. Martin Lorenz: percussion.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 1902
 Burkhard Schlothauer

7. Burkhard Schlothauer. Nine – for John Cage (2010). 30:02
Ensemble Zeitkratzer.
8. Burkhard Schlothauer. Yo tampoco lo entiendo (2019). 13:53
Burkhard Schlothauer: viola, sine-waves.
9. Burkhard Schlothauer. Structures indépendantes (2007). 29:30
Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble: Antoine Beuger: flute. Gudula Rosa: tenor recorder. Burkhard Schlothauer, Thomas Stiegler: viola. Jürg Frey: clarinet. Eva-Maria Houben: indian harmonium. Christoph Nicolaus: stone harp. Tobias Liebezeit: timpani.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 1903
 Eva-Maria Houben

10. Eva-Maria Houben. Echo Fantasie I. (2018). 16:28
11. Eva-Maria Houben. Echo Fantasie IV. (2018). 32:04
Eva-Maria Houben: organ. Ordinary Efects: Morgan Evans-Weiler: violin. Laura Cetilia: cell. J.P.A Falzone: vibraphone, piano. Luke Martin: guitar.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 1904-5
All further information can be found on www.wandelweiser.de.

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