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The Night: Contemporary Music

Contemporary Music Night #119 – 50 Years Kronos Quartet #7.
The two-weekly Contemporary Music Night on Concertzender with tonight the Seventh of an Eighteen episode series music of the American Kronos Quartet who celebrate their 50th birthday this year. We play all the records we know of plus some exclusive Dutch radio recordings and a lot of rare collaborations. Tonight Kronos Quartet is David Harrington and John Sherba: violin, Hank Dutt: viola and Joan Jeanrenaud: cello.

   In C: 25th Anniversary Concert

1. Terry Riley. In C (1964). 76:16
Blake Derby, Mihr’n’Nisa Douglass, Shabda Owens, Terry Riley: voice. Kronos Quartet. Ramón Sender: accordion. Bruce Ackley, George Brooks: soprano sax. Steve Adams: alto sax. Steve Coughlin: tenor sax. Jon Raskin: baritone sax. Evan Ziporyn: bass clarinet. John Sackett: clarinet. George Marsh: drums. Bill Douglass: flute. Bill Maginnis: glockenspiel. Gyan Riley, Henry Kaiser: guitar. Gino Robair: marimba. William Winant: the pulse. Warner Jepson: piano.  Alden Jenks, Chris Brown: synthesizer. Don Howe, Toyoji Tomita: trombone. Danny Tunick, Don R. Baker: xylophone. Jaron Lanier: various instruments. Terry Riley: musical direction.
CD 1995 – New Albion Records NA071CD
   UnReleased: 1985-1995

2. Raymond Scott / Steven mackey. Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals (1937). 3:10
3. Scott Johnson. It Raged from “How It Happens” (1991-93). 8:08
I.F. Stone: voice Kronos Quartet.
4. Michael Daugherty. Elvis Everywhere (1993). 8:24
John Taylor, Larry Caballero, Patty Manning: voice. Kronos Quartet.
5. Jimi Hendrix / Steve Riffkin. Purple Haze (1967/95). 3:28
Kronos Quartet.
CD 1995 – Nonesuch ‎– 7559-79394-2 (only CD2)
   Howl, U.S.A.

6. Michael Daugherty. Sing Sing: J. Edgar Hoover (1992). 10:46
Kronos Quartet.
7. Harry Partch / Ben Johnston. Barstow: Eight Hitchhikers’ Inscription from a Highway Railing at Barstow, California (1941/94). 9:52
Ben Johnston: voice. Kronos Quartet.
8. Scott Johnson. Cold War Suite from How It Happens (1991-93) I-V. 10:49
I.F. Stone: voice. Kronos Quartet.
9. Lee Hyla / Allen Ginsberg. Howl (1993) I.-III. 22:44
10. Lee Hyla / Allen Ginsberg. Footnote to Howl. 3:00
Allen Ginsberg: voice. Kronos Quartet.
CD 1996 – Nonesuch ‎– 7559-79372-2
   The Dreams And Prayers Of Isaac The Blind

1. Osvaldo Golijov. The Dreams And Prayers Of Isaac The Blind (1994)
Prelude: Calmo, Sospeso. 3:13
I. Agitato – Con Fuoco – Maestoso – Senza Misura, Oscilante. 8:39
II. Teneramente – Ruvido – Presto. 10:40
III. Calmo, Sospeso – Allegro Pesante. 7:11
Postlude: Lento, Liberamente. 2:23
David Krakauer: (bass) clarinet, bassethorn. Kronos Quartet.
CD 1997 – Nonesuch ‎– 7559-79444-2
   Ghost Opera

12. Tan Dun. Ghost Opera (1994).
Act I: Bach, Monks, and Shakespeare Meet in Water. 8:55
Act II: Earth Dance. 6:47
Act III: Dialogue with “Little Cabbage”. 3:13
Act IV: Metal and Stone. 10:09
Act V: Song of Paper. 6:40
Wu Man: soprano, pipa, percussion. Kronos Quartet.
CD 1997 – Nonesuch ‎– 7559-79445-2
   Early Music (Lachrymæ Antiquæ)

13. Guillaume de Machaut. Kyrie I (14th century). 0:55
Marja Mutru: harmonium. Kronos Quartet.
14. Christopher Tye. Rachell’s Weepinge (16th century). 1:45
Kronos Quartet.
15. David Lamb. Långdans efter Byfåns Mats (1997). 3:56
David Lamb: bagpipes. Kronos Quartet.
16. John Dowland. Lachrymæ Antiquæ (1604). 3:56
Wu Man: ruan. Kronos Quartet.
17. Arvo Pärt. Psalom (1985/95). 2:05
18. Harry Partch / Ben Johnston. Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales (1946). 3:41
19. Jack Body. Long‐Ge (1987). 2:53
20. John Cage / Eric Salzman. Totem Ancestor (1943). 2:09
21. Guillaume de Machaut. Kyrie II (14th century). 0:45
Kronos Quartet
22. Traditional / Mikael Marin. Brudmarsch frå Östa. 2:55
Olov Johansson: nyckelharpa. Kronos Quartet.
23. Saint Kassiani / Diane Touliatos. Using the Apostate Tyrant as His Tool (9th century). 3:54
Kronos Quartet.
24. Louis Hardin. Synchrony No. 2 (1994). 2:41
Judith Sherman: drums. Kronos Quartet.
25. John Cage. Quodlibet (1950). 1:28
26. Pérotin. Viderunt Omnes (12-13th century). 11:47
Kronos Quartet.
27. Guillaume de Machaut. Kyrie III (14th century). 1:06
Marja Mutru: harmonium. Kronos Quartet.
28. Henry Purcell. Four Part Fantasia no. 2 (1680). 3:07
29. Hildegard von Bingen / Marianne Pfau. O Virtus Sapientie (12th century). 4:31
Kronos Quartet.
30. Traditional. Uleg‐Khem. 3:21
Huun-Huur Tu: Kaigal-Ool Khovalyg: vocals, igil. Kongar-Ool Ondar: vocals, doshpuluur. Anatoly Kuular: vocals, byzaanchi. Kronos Quartet.
31. Christopher Tye. Farwell My Good (16th century) I. Forever. 2:21
32. Alfred Schnittke. Collected Songs Where Every Verse is Filled with Grief (1984/85). 8:29
Kronos Quartet.
33. Traditional. Bells: Tolling of the Knell. 1:28
The Monks of the Abbey of St. Peter’s of Solesmes.
CD 1997 – Nonesuch ‎– 7559-79457-2
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