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The Night: Early Music

Early Music, compiled by Egbert Randewijk

Works by Bach, Leclair [pictured], Kozeluch, Pixis & Haydn.

03:00 Johann Sebastian Bach.
1. Prelude and fugue no. 13 in F sharp major, BWV 858. 2. French Suite no. 5 in G major, BWV 816.
Jeffrey Biegel, Steinway grand piano.

03.25 Jean Marie Leclair [pictured].
1. Sonata, opus 4 no. 4. 2. Deuxieme Recreation Musicale, opus 8.
Pasticcio Barocco.

04.00 Johann Sebastian Bach. Partita for violin solo no. 1 in B minor, BWV 1002.
Christine Busch, baroque-violin.

04.35 Leopold Kozeluh.
1. Sonata in C. 2. A Grand Scotch Sonata in D major.
Monika Knoblochova, fortepiano. Jana Semeradova, flute. Hana Flekova, cello.

05:00 Johann Sebastian Bach. Partita no. 6 in E minor, BWV 830.
David Fray, piano.

05.35 Johann Peter Pixis. Piano Concertino in E flat major, opus 68.
Howard Shelley, piano & conducting. Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

05.55 Joseph Haydn.
1. Missa Angustiis ‘Lord Nelson Mass’. 2. Symphony no. 102 in B flat major.
Boston Baroque conducted by Martin Pearlman.

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