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The Night: Early Music

Early Music, compiled by Egbert Randewijk.

Works by Werner, Haydn, Stamitz, Richter, Toeschi, Filtz [featured image], Weiss, Hasse, Veneziano & Farina.

03.00 Music from the court of Prince Esterhazy in Eisenstadt. Works by Gregor Joseph Werner and Joseph Haydn. Overture ‘Lo Speciale’ & Te Deum in C Major.
Berlin Philharmonic, conducted by Karl Forster and others.

03.50 Music from the court of prince-elector Karl Theodor von der Pfalz in Mannheim. Works by Johann Stamitz, Franz Xaver Richter, Carlo Giuseppe Toeschi and Anton Filtz [featured image]. Orchestral Trio in C Major, opus 1 no. 1 & Anton Filtz, Sinfonia a otto ‘Sinfonie periodique’ no. 2.
Saar Chamber Orchestra led by Karl Ristenpart.

04.45 Music from the Court of Dresden.
1. Leopold Sylvius Weiss. Fantasy for lute.
Eugen M. Dombois, lute.
2. Johann Adolf Hasse. Flute concerto in G Major.
Karlheinz Zöller, flute. Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Hans von Benda.

05.00 Gaetano Veneziano 1656-1716). In Officio Defunctorum.
Ensemble Odyssee.

06.00 Antonio Farina (ca. 1675). Serenate Napoletane and works by contemporaries.
Ensemble Odyssee.

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