The Night: World Music

sun 27 aug 2017 00:00 

A whole night of world music, compiled by Benno Wormgoor. Tonight this broadcast will be hosted entirely in English!

Part 1: Afro Peruvian Classics: The soul of Black Peru   Luaka Bop, code: LBOP0015


This album’s Afro Peruvian style developed hundreds of years ago during the Spanish slave trade. It is a musical mix of traditions from Africa, Spain and the Andes, because the slaves who arrived in Peru came from various regions and had no common language to communicate with each other.      






Part 2:   Susana Baca – Afrodiaspora    Luaka Bop ‎– code LBOP0077

More than ever has Susana Baca been searching for her African roots on her album Afrodiaspora, and her songs are packed in exciting rhythms and memorable melodies. As always performing with the best musicians, Susanna Baca still sounds powerful and passionate at sixty-seven.






Part 3: Voices from the skyDadawa.   Sire/WEA Records  code 31008


She sings simple, eerie melodies from Lhasa, the administrative capital of Tibet. The songs are filled with electronic sounds and studio effects, which gives the music a pleasant meditative softness






Part 4: 30years Can I Get A Witness    Piranha Records – PIR3061


This is a compilation called Can I get A Witness?, released by Piranha Records on the occasion of their 30th anniversary. The album is only digitally available and takes more than two hours.








Part 5: Caci Vorba – Tajno Biav (Secret Marriage)


Čači Vorba is a Polish band centered around young singer and violin player Maria Natanson. We will play their second album Tajno Biay (Secret Marriage)




Oriente LC 03592



Part 6 Forabandit – Forabandit   Buda Musique


Forabandit is a musical creation celebrating the Libertarian poetry from Occitania and Anatolia. Singer and mandolin player Sam Karpienia uses a contemporary method to carry on the lyrical tradition of this poetry, as it was used by the Occitanian troubadours.






Part 7: Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico – Songs of Thessaloniki    ECM 2398


Greek singer Savina Yannatou and her band Primavera En Salonico balance between traditional Mediterranean music and avant-garde.



Tonight this broadcast will be hosted entirely in English!


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