The Night: World Music

sun 2 dec 2018 00:00 

With music selected for the presence of at least one accordion in the band or duo, in the styles: Basque, Cajun, Celtic, Folk, Forró, Tango and Zydeco.

Voyage d’Amour – Swamp.
The Amsterdam-Groningen formation Swamp has been inspired by the different musical movements that originate from the marshlands of the state of Louisiana. It is striking that the lyrics are usually not sung in English but in Louisiana Creole, a language that sounds more like French. The ‘Cajuns’ are descendants of French migrants who ended up in Louisiana via Canada. The leading instruments in cajun are the accordion and violin. A triangle determines the rousing rhythm of this raw country music. The black population of Louisiana came up with the cajun-related zydeco. In zydeco the washboard also applies as a rhythmic instrument. The combination of cajun and / or zydeco with rock is called ‘swamp-pop’.
CD. Voyage d’Amour – Swamp. Label: Own management, code: Bayou 003. VIDEO

Terra Madre – Luciano Biondini & Javier Girotto.
Luciano Biondini began to seriously study the accordion at the age of ten. He received many classical accordion awards. Biondini is one of the true masters of his instrument and a soloist with an overwhelming drama. Javier Girotto (wind instruments) studied Argentine and Italian music at a young age. At the age of 22 he moved to Boston in the US, where he graduated in 1990 from the ‘Berklee School of Music’. As a duo, Luciano Biondini and Javier Girotto have long been a successful ‘live act’. The two virtuosos play the melancholy tango with an almost comical sound.
CD. Terra Madre – Luciano Biondini & Javier Girotto. Label: Enja records (2005), code: ENJ.94632. VIDEO

Ao Vivo – Beto Hortis.
Brazilian Beto Hortis (from Recife) is an arranger and accordionist. At the age of 12 he started his musical career, influenced by his grandfather Vitor, who played an accordion with 8 basses. Once an adult, he played accordion for, among others, Jorge de Altinho. As an instrumentalist and arranger, he took part in recordings of various ‘forró’ musicians, including Nádia Maia. Beto Hortis took first place at the Festival ‘Cearense de Sanfoneiros’ in 2007. And he won the first prize at the ‘Frevo Humanity’ Festival in Recife in 2013.
CD. Ao Vivo – Beto Hortis. Label: Own management (2008). FacebookVIDEO

Gardadvergur – Deux Accords Diront.
The ladies Aline Pohl and Anne Niepold from Brussels play on diatonic accordions. They let their instruments shout, whisper and cry alternately. Deux Accords Diront does not want to be limited to one genre. All the better, because the end result is fascinating: surprising, spontaneous and free. Apart from the purely musical aspect, the two musicians represent an authentic and fun spectacle. With humor, also focused on themselves, they share their passions with their audience. They love it and know how to convey it.
CD. Gardadvergur – Deux Accords Diront. Label: Home Records.be (2006), code: 4446014. VIDEO

French Accordion Blue – Les Chats Cadiens.
Cajun and zydeco from Delft inspired by the cajun blues of Clifton Chenier. The group edits ‘traditionals’ and writes own songs ranging from cajun, zydeco, the Mississippi guitar blues, Americana and Texmex. In June 2004 singer Henk de Kat was voted the best zydeco accordionist in Europe during the twelfth edition of the Cajun & Zydecofestival in Raamsdonksveer and he received the first ‘European Cajun & Zydeco Award’.
CD. French Accordion Blue – Les Chats Cadiens. Label: Zaricots Records (2007), code: ZR-01. VIDEO

Hiri – Kepa Junkera.
Basque virtuoso accordionist Kepa Junkera presents with this album an exploration of the theme city Hiri in the Basque Country. He sticks to what works; Basque diatonic accordion with Basque texts by the respected writer Xabier Amuriza, and non-Basque elements added by guests from all over the world. The interplay between strings and female voices is compelling. The fourth title of the album Ataun features an appropriate ‘house-rhythm’ with percussion, bass and a great accordion part.
CD. Hiri – Kepa Junkera. Label: Elkar (2006), code: KD-725. VIDEO

Dusk ‘Till Dawn: The Best of Capercaillie.
The Scottish band Capercaillie was responsible for a number of progressive Scottish / Celtic sounds from the 90s. For the band it was perfectly logical to have Scottish / Celtic music merge with rock and pop. And taking risks from the band has often worked out well. Dusk ‘Till Dawn: The Best of Capercaillie is a collection of 17 songs that paints an attractive picture of their work between 1991 and 1998.
CD. Dusk ‘Till Dawn: The Best of Capercaillie. Label: Survival (1998), code: SURCD 023. VIDEO

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