The Night: World Music

sun 30 dec 2018 00:00 

With music from the Czech Republic, Persia / Israel, Denmark, Spain, Middle East, Armenia, Portugal and France.


1- Zivot by Jaro Milko & the Cubalkanics.
Zivot means ‘life’ in Czech and life revolves around change, “says guitarist and band leader Jaro Milko.” This album shows the changes the Cubalans have undergone since the last album, as well as all the crazy things that are currently happening in the happen worldwide.
CD. Zivot – Jaro Milko & the Cubalkanics. Label: Jasha! Records (2018), code: JRCD002. Distribution XANGO music. VIDEO

2- Shirin Joon – Liraz Naz.
Due to the difficult political situation between Iran and Israel, Liraz has never been able to visit her country of origin. Using signals from the fiery and challenging female music icons of Iran, such as ‘Googoosh’ and ‘Ramesh’, Liraz’s album Naz gives a picture of the fighting spirit in the 70s. She sings in ‘Farsi’ with influences from her Persian ancestors, in which she frames the traditional instruments with a pop atmosphere. The album is lyrical dominated by the role of women in society and musically by the bouncing hip hop and electronics.
CD. Shirin Joon – Liraz Naz. Label: Dead Sea Recordings (2018), code: DSR002. Distribution XANGO music. VIDEO

3- Vesselil of Vesselil.
The trio has an infectious love for exploring the possibilities and nuances of stringed instruments and their lively and creative arrangements transport you in and out of cinematic settings, sizzling dance floors, open air and warm embrace. The name Vesselil, taken from an old Danish ballad, tells the story about the young ship’s wife, who refuses to sell her dreams and ambitions for gold. With its integrity as inspiration, the trio combines joy and melancholy and the enormous border between them.
CD. Vesselil – Vesselil. Label: GO’Danish Folk Music (2018), code: GO1318. VIDEO

4- La Otra Mitad of Refree.
Raül Refree is one of the most acclaimed Spanish producers of the past decade, and tak: til / Glitterbeat now presents its new album: La Otra Mitad, an album with enchanting acoustic and electric guitar explorations of sampled street recordings, ghost voices and silent electronics. The Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida said: “an artist must always try to do what he does not yet know how to do it.”
CD. La Otra Mitad – Refree. Label: Tak: til / Glitterbeat (2017-18), code: GBCD169392. Distribution: XANGO music. VIDEO

5- Babel from Joce Mienniel.
Joce Mienniel’s desire for cross-fertilization takes us through the Middle East of Europe to India. But Medina Coura, from the album Babel, calls for another journey. This is the name of a district of Bamako where he spent 15 days while working on the Blues Day project in Bamako, an ode to Ali Farka Toure. Subject to the diversity of the timbres of this place, he composed this piece, a testimony of a day he spent there. The very simple little melody and the almost nonchalant rhythm change into a ‘percussive’ trance that suggests that the evening was not so calm.
CD. Babel – Joce Mienniel. Label: Buda Musique (2018), code: 860342. Distribution: XANGO music. VIDEO

6- Nada Nuevo Bajo El Sol from Pau Figueres.
When guitarist Pau Figueres composes music, he tries to imitate the musicians whom he admires most in an intuitive process: letting himself be entrained by the rhythms and emotions, the inspirations take him to a new musical area. The title Nada nuevo bajo el sol (nothing new under the sun) is the continuation of his earlier work with elementary and organic sounds mixes, such as flamenco guitar, percussion and flamenco-electric bass, with electronic sounds of modular synthesizers, keyboards, samplers and the electric guitar.
CD. Nada Nuevo Bajo El Sol – Pau Figueres. Label: Satélite K (2018), code: SATKCD248. Distribution: XANGO music. VIDEO

7- Karin by Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin.
This duo symbolizes the reconciliation between peoples with their wistful but hopeful sounds of the Armenian instruments ‘duduk’ and the ‘saz’, the emblematic instruments of Turkey. Their second album Karin, the Armenian name of Erzurum, located in present-day Turkey, refers to the birthplace of Vardan’s grandfather. Karin refers to the original, cosmopolitan ‘Karin’, a meeting place of cultures along the Silk Road. The duo explores the musical richness that can be found in the region on the edge of Europe and Asia.
CD. Karin – Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin. Label: Muziekpublique (2018), code: MP10. Distribution: XANGO music. VIDEO

8- Guia of António Zambujo.
Always so sweet, the new generation Fado of António Zambujo is welcomed in the mode of self-confidence or reflection. António was born in Beja, in the south of Portugal, making beneficial escapes on the side of Brazil or Cape Verde, sometimes adding to his ‘saudade’ of almighty children’s songs. Listen to the radiant rains of tones of the three guitars (bass, classical, Portuguese), sometimes accompanied, at all discretion, by a clarinet, a trombone or a trumpet.
CD. Guia – António Zambujo. Label: World Village (2011), code: WVF 479049. VIDEO

9- Richard Galliano.
He studied piano and accordion at the age of 4 with his father Lucien Galliano, accordionist and teacher. He studied at the Nice Conservatory and attended courses in harmony, counterpoint and trombone. He won the first prize in 1969 for this instrument. He left for Paris in 1975 and met Claude Nougaro, his friend, accordionist and conductor there until 1983. The second decisive meeting took place in 1980 with the Argentine composer and bandoneonist Astor Piazzolla. Astor encouraged Richard to create the French ‘New Musette’, as he himself had previously invented the Argentinean ‘New Tango’.
Cd. Les Années Milan (2016), code: 399 538-2 – VIDEO

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