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The Night: World Music

sat 7 jan 2023 01:00 hour

A whole night of world music, compiled by Benno Wormgoor.

BLOK 1 Mostar Sevdah Reunion – Lady Sings The Balkan Blues 2022

Label: Snail Records


BLOK 2 Fado Cruzado – Menina E Moça 2022 











Distribution : Xango Music


BLOK 3 Ana Moura – Casa Guilhermina – 2022


Label:  Self-released


BLOK 4 Micah P. Hinson – I Lie To You

Label: Ponderosa

Distribution : Xango Music



BLOK 5 light in babylon – On our way 2022

Label:Bandcamp / self released



BLOK 6 Louisa Lyne – A troy oiyf a boym 2022

Label: Self released



BLOK 7 Buenos Aires Cafe

Label: Emi



BLOK 8 Aleksandra Popovska





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