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The Palace of Nostalgia

sat 26 oct 2019 20:00 

Jazz, blues and nostalgia, by Sjaak Roodenburg.

The weekly music museum features legendary Afro-American counter alto Marian Anderson singing a ballad against slavery; ‘Manhattan’ by Rodgers & Hart sung by both Ella Fitzgerald and the Ben Selvin orchestra which has been around for ages.

Host and comedian Jos Ghysen will enlighten you about his experiences in the Flemish army; another curiosity: Jim Reeves singing in South African; Frans Halsema and Frits Lambrechts will give you a refreshed version of Jaap Sjouwermans’ ‘Aan de voet van die mooie Wester’; folk singer Judy Collins singing ‘Turn, turn, turn’ by Pete Seeger.

There’s more: Maria Callas’ substitute Anita Cerquetti in ‘Norma’ whose dramatic soprano sound did not last long; Billie Holiday with ‘Lady Sings the Blues’, the early Miles Davis with ‘But not for me’.

Stan Freberg brilliantly parodies ‘Sh-boom ’by doo-woppers The Crew Cuts, for which he was inspired by mumbling actor Marlon Brando; Brazilian Wandah de Sah (‘one of Brazil’s best kept musical secrets’); vocal group The Ink Spots and Flip Phillips with his ode to Lester Young (‘Prez’).

Last but not least, obscure Dutch talent Ellis de Liefde (‘Zierikzeese Marie’) and from Germany during the war: Helmut Zacharias (‘Bei dir war es immer so schön’).

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