The Palace of Nostalgia

sat 21 dec 2019 20:00 
Composer: Elvis Presley

Jazz, blues and nostalgia, by Sjaak Roodenburg.

Now that Christmas and New Year’s are almost upon us, listen to a Palace about the Important Business. Starting with calypso gospel by Wilmoth Houdini, the ‘voice of the Civil Rights Movement’ Odetta (‘He’s got the whole world in His hands’) and Jaap Fischer (‘De Monniken’).

Then Woody Guthrie who wrote ‘This land is our land’ as a counterpart to ‘God bless America’ and Marian Anderson, who despite racial discrimination, became one of the great Black Diva’s with her velvetlike contralto voice (‘Ave Maria).

Mother McCollum (‘When I take my vacation in Heaven’), Jopie Vrieze’s Klein Bazuin from Paramaribo (‘Hymn’), Patsy Cline’s plea (‘Dear God’), Elvis Presley, Jo Stafford with her daughter Amy (Whispering Hope’)

A virile rendition by Kay Starr of the song ‘Dry Bones’ also known from The Singing Detective, ‘Cover’-singer Jean Campbell (‘Vaya Con Dios’) and The Soul Stirrers.

All in all, a mix of artists about religion, social struggle, elevation & a dash of humour.

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