The Palace of Nostalgia

sat 1 feb 2020 20:00 

In today’s ‘Palace’, we’ll be taking you with us on a musical journey in time.

There’s Johnny Wade, the obscure ‘Hawaiian Crooner’, the melancholic Al Bowlly who got killed in 1941 by a ‘parachute bomb’ that was dropped by the German Luftwaffe and the sensual Swedish film diva Zarah Leander with her naturally deep voice, who was very popular among high-ranking army officers of the same Luftwaffe.

You can also listen to the minimalist style of Bobby Troup, whose voice usually sounded as if he had just caught a cold. His wife Julie London shared his minimalist style, but her voice was deeply sensual.

The Italian song ‘Perdona mi’ by Luciano Tajoli and the Quartetto Cetra, known from the series ‘Breaking Bad’, are extraordinarily melancholic.

And that’s not all. We will also play music from a number of Disney cartoons, from the sun-drenched orchestra of the Spanish-Cuban Xavier Cugat, the early guitar virtuoso Eddie Lang together with pianist Frank Signorelli and variety artist Cliff Edwards. Cliff had taught himself to play the ukulele as the pianos often sounded miserable. He combined his playing with an intimate-sounding whispering voice and became a star known as ‘Ukulele Ike’ in the era of the crooners. Unfortunately, his life ended tragically.

We end this programme with the King Sisters and, from more recent times, American folk-singer Tim Hardin, Frans Halsema together with Carry Tefsen from the Netherlands and the American synthesizer pioneers Don Buchla and Robert Moog.

In short: today’s ‘Palace’ is packed with nostalgia.

Technique: Willem van Schip
Compilation and presentation: Sjaak Roodenburg

Produced & presented by: