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The Palace of Nostalgia

sat 29 feb 2020 20:00 

Today’s Palace is about Tempo Doeloe, the time period when Indonesia was part of the Netherlands East Indies. We play music from and about this era – a repertoire that bursts with nostalgia.

Listen to, for example, the Kroncong band Indische Club Amsterdam, Doea Melati playing ‘Kota Ambon’, an Ina Verwoerd singing the beautiful Dutch love song ‘Je moet nog even aan me denken’.

We also pay attention to the struggle for independence following the proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia. The songs about Dutch soldiers overseas, a long way from home, date from this period. Listen to the songs:

  • ‘k Hoor je stem in het lied der golven’ by the singing house painter Jan Koster,
  • ‘Als ik in mijn klamboe lig te dromen’ by Marcel Thielemans,
  • ‘Ons hart is bij de jongens’ by Kees Pruis
  • ‘Post uit Indië’ by Jacques van Kollenburg.

And we have more: The Candy Kids (also nicknamed ‘The Blue Diamonds of Madurodam’), Rudy Wairate and his Amboina Serenaders, Kroncong ensemble Widjaya, the song ‘Jongen in Indië’  by the ‘singing wanderer’ Frans van Schaik. And the song ‘In den rimboe’ by George de Fretes and the Hoffman Duo; a song from 1929 about a man in the bush on Sumatra who is feeling melancholic and is longing for home, meanwhile getting comforted by listening to the sounds from his radio.

In short, one-hour-long nostalgia for Insulindia: melancholy in optima forma.

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