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The Palace of Nostalgia

Jazz, blues and nostalgia, by Sjaak Roodenburg.

Musical time travelling in The Palace. From André Popp’s music laboratory: Elsa Popping & her Pixieland Band. In these times of austerity, Conny Stuart is singing about the blessings of the return of scarcity: back to poverty and an empty plate. Frank Sinatra is singing about the joy of travelling, and above all, how good it is to come back home.

Furthermore, we present the obscure and exotic nightclub singer Lorez Alexandria, the song about love written by Edith Piaf when in love, but performed by Louis Armstrong, and Cornelis Vreeswijk’s story about a hot-blooded rooster and a hen that still was a virgin.

Also jazz: Chet Baker’s quartet, Ben Webster’s successor in Duke Ellington’s band, that is the unknown but enchanting Al Sears, and ‘Fever’ by Gene Harris & The Three Sounds.

Additionally, the Comedian Harmonists performing a spring song, Ernestine Anderson and, of course, a tribute to Liesbeth List.

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