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The Palace of Nostalgia

sat 11 jul 2020 20:00 

Jazz, blues and nostalgia. Wandering through the music history in The Palace. With Dmitri Shostakovitch, who, in a bet with conductor Nikolai Malko, had a go at ’Tea for Two’; the Orkest Zonder Naam with De Karekieten in the ‘Jagerslied’;  jazz of Coleman Hawkins with Clark Terry.

The British comic duo Flanders & Swann sing about a wart hog, ‘Mist o’ the moon’ of composer Harry Revel by Les Baxter and Dr Samuel J. Hoffmann, the great master on the theremin.
Wim Sonneveld gets excited about people who, right after WW II, complain that ‘things are worse than under the krauts’, and Dalida sings a lullaby for her beloved, the girl street trader of fruit from Lisbon, who came to be ‘the queen of fado’.
Furthermore: Sarah Vaughan, Hans Dorrestijn and the Italian beauty Katyna Ranieri.
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