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The Palace of Nostalgia

sat 27 mar 2021 20:00 

Time flies, so use it well.

“Times ain’t like they used to be.” – according to an old country song, that was already the case back then. Joost Prinsen sings about how horrible your childhood can be, while Paul van Vliet would like to ride along safely on his father’s bike once more like in the old days, and Jo Vincent tells us how the hours, days, months and years go by. “Time waits for no one,” sings the elderly blues vocalist Alberta Hunter, which is something comedian Tom Lehrer rubs in with “When you are old and grey”. Then, of course, there is the hope Dorsey & Beatrice Dixon have for a better tomorrow: “When Jesus appears.” Until then, it is “Racing with the clock”, like in “The Pajama Game”. Things that have disappeared with the passing of time and are a source of melancholy, we find in “These foolish things” and “Time out for tears” by Dinah Washington. Furthermore, in this time-bound Palace: Jacques Brel, de Beau Hunks, Oscar Peterson, Coleman Hawkins and Les Compagnons de la Chanson.

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