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The Palace of Nostalgia

sat 1 may 2021 20:00 

Jazz, blues and nostalgia, by Sjaak Roodenburg.

In this episode of the Palace, we’ll listen to remarkable vocal phenomenons; like, the entertainer who sounded like a daring boy but was actually a woman: Janis Martin, nicknamed ‘the female Elvis’.

We’ll also listen to the curious Viennese Seven Singing Sisters, also known as The Swinging Babies, who tormented classical music enthusiasts with their version of the Willem Tell Overture in 1928.

After that, we’ll listen to the singing phenomenon from Peru, Yma Sumac, who has a vocal range of five octaves.

Then, we’ll listen to Hawaii-guitarist Andy Iona with his Islanders. And from the world of yodelling, we’ll hear George van Dusen, whose comedic act from the 30s was revived in the disco remixes from the 80s.

Finally, we’ll listen to Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Big Bill Broonzy, Jim Reeves, Joseph Schmidt.

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