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The Palace of Nostalgia

sat 9 jul 2022 20:00 hour

Music from times gone by.¬†Folkgroup The Monroe Brothers; also family: Rosemary and Betty Clooney with a song about secretaries. Frank Sinatra with a song that had to be removed from his travel album ‘Come fly with me’, and of which he performs a ravishing version during a legendary concert in Australia.

Also the ‘Napoleon of Romance’ Tino Rossi, Lena Horne (‘People will say we’re in love’), the Bill Evans Quintet (‘Loose bloose’), Bobby Darin on his album with Standards, The Sunshine Boys, pianist/vocalist Mose Allyson.

Paramaribo-born singer with German roots Bruce Low in a song about shooting a friend after a rivalry over a woman. The patriotic Ramblers with a song that at first did not want to catch on and suddenly became a hit, Stan Getz with Oscar Peterson’s trio and from the rhythm & blues corner Jimmy ‘Baby Face’ Lewis.

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