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The Sound of Movies

thu 16 may 2019 18:00 
Composer: John Barry

Film music, compiled by Kees Hogenbirk.

In this series Jazz in the film, episode 184: John Barry (part 10).


1. Sophia Loren in Rome (1964) (ABC Television Network Special).
Studio Orchestra conducted by John Barry.

2. Two themes: a. ‘The Lolly Theme’ from The Amorous Prawn (1960). b. Cutty Sark (TV series) (1962).
The John Barry Seven and Orchestra.

3. Three themes from Man in the Middle (= The Winston Affair) (1964).
Studio Orchestra conducted by John Barry.

4. Song ‘Libre’ from Born Free (1966), in Spanish.
The Sandpipers.

5. Main theme from “Boom!” (1968).
Studio Orchestra conducted by John Barry.

6. Theme from The Adventurer (TV series) (1972).
The Royal Philharmonic conducted by John Barry.


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