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The Sound of Movies

sat 13 jun 2020 12:00 
Composer: Elvis Presley

Movie soundtracks by Al Hofman (1902-1960).


1. Heartaches (1931) & Auf wiedersehen, my dear (1933).
Comedian Harmonists.

2. Songs for Jack Buchanan from the movies:
a. Come out of the Pantry (1935). b. This I’ll make you whistle (1936).
c. When knights were bold (1936).
Jack Buchanan & Elsie Randolph. Studio Orchestra.

3. Songs for Jessie Matthews from the movies:
a. Gangway (1937). b. First a girl (1937).
Jessie Matthews & Jack Buchanan. Studio Orchestra.

4. Music for the Alfred Hitchcock movie Young and innocent (1937):
No one can like the drummerman.
Al Hoffman, drums & Studio Orchestra.

5. Fit as a fiddle from the movie Singin’ in the rain (1952).
Gene Kelly & Donald O’Connor, vocals . M-G-M Studio Orchestra led by Lennie Hayton.

5. Music for the Walt Disney movie: Cinderella (1950).
Ilene Woods, Don Barclay, Verna Felton, The Mouse Chorus.
Studio Orchestra.

6. Hawaiian Wedding Song (1961).
Elvis Presley, vocals. The Jordanaires. The Surfers. Studio Orchestra.

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