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The Sound of Movies

sat 17 apr 2021 12:00 

Jazz in Movies, episode 246: English Television Series II.

Achtereenvolgens de titel van de tv-serie, uitzenddata en (onderstreept) de componist(en); tekstschrijvers volgen na de ampersand (&), tot slot de duur van de track. In order: the title of the TV series, broadcast dates and (underlined) the composer(s); lyricists follow after the ampersand (&), and finally the duration of the track.

1. Catweazle (‘Busy Boy’) (1970-1971) Ted Dicks. Sung by Ted Dicks 1:19

2. Dad’s Army (‘Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mister Hitler?’) (1968-1977) Jimmy Perry/Derek Taverner. Sung by Bud Flanagan 1:08

3. Please Sir (1968-1972) Sam Fonteyn. Performance conducted by Sam Fonteyn 1:55

4. The Fenn Street Gang (‘The Dandy’) (1971-1973) Denis King. Performance conducted by Denis King 1:37

5. The Adventures of Black Beauty (‘Galloping Home’) (1972-1974) Denis King. Performed by The South Bank Orchestra 2:26

6. The Liver Birds (‘On a Mountain Stands a Lady’) (1969-1996) The Scaffold [= Mike McGear, stage name of Paul McCartney’s brother, and John Gorman/Roger McGough]. Performed by The Scaffold 2:33

7. Van Der Valk (‘Eye Level’) (1972-1992) Jack Trombey. Performance conducted by Jack Trombey 2:10

8. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (‘That’s Livin’ Alright’) (1983-2004) Dave MacKay. Sung by Joe Fagin 3:00

9. Bread (1986-1991) Dave MacKay. Performance conducted by Dave MacKay 2:43

10. Budgie (‘The Loner’) (1971-1972) Nick Harrison. Performed by Nick Harrison 2:43

11. Here’s Harry (‘Comedy Hour’) (1960-1965) Ivor Slaney. Performance conducted by Ivor Slaney 1:02

12. Man About the House (‘Up to Date’) (1973-1976) Johnny Hawkesworth. Performance conducted by Johnny Hawkesworth 1:47

13. Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? (‘Whatever Happened to You?’) (1973-1974) Mike Hugg/Ian La Frenais. Performed by Highly Likely 3:51

14. Grandstand (1958-2007) Keith Mansfield. Performance conducted by Keith Mansfield 2:26

15. BBC TV Cricket (‘Soul Limbo’) (1963-2006) Steve Cropper/Donald Dunn/Al Jackson jr./Booker T. Jones. Performed by Booker T. & The M.G.’s 2:21

16. Rugby Special (‘Holy Mackerel!’) (1970-1987) Brian Bennett. Performed by The Sound Stage Orchestra 2:15

17. The Human Jungle (1963-1964) Bernard Ebbinghouse. Performance conducted by John Barry 3:06

18. Vision On (‘Left Bank Two’) (1965-1976) Wayne Hill. Performance conducted by Wayne Hill 2:26

19. Angels (‘Motivation’) (1975-1983) Alan Parker. Performance conducted by Alan Parker 2:24

20. Dr. Finlay’s Casebook (‘A Little Suite’) (1962-1971) Trevor Duncan. Performed by The Les Reed Strings 2:32

21. Scarlett Hill (‘Scarlet’) (1962-1964) Maurice Taylor. Performed by Peter Knight Orchestra 2:31

22. The Young Ones (1982-1984) Roy C. Bennett/Sid Tepper 0:38

23. The Benny Hill Show (‘Yakety Sax’) (1969-1989) James Rich/Boots Randolph 1:05

24. Mystery! (1980-heden) Normand Roger 0:47

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