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The Source of Sound

fri 22 may 2020 21:00 

The Source of Sound involves the material, the movement and the vibration of which music arises.

Episode 55 Shakuhachi











An episode dedicated to the Japanese flute the Shakuhachi. An instrument with a strong spiritual dimension that plays a special role in Buddhism in Japan where playing the instrument is a form of meditation.

You will hear the first known international recording of American clarinettist Tony Scott and Shakuhachi player Hōzan Yamamoto on the 1965 LP Music for Zen Meditation, followed by Honkyoku, original pieces for Shakuhachi written by monks in the Middle Ages. Then a modern composition for Japanese radio and a piece for breathing and a return to tradition with Kokū Nishimura on his traditionally made Kyotaku.

Take a conscious breath in and out and let your mind rest for an hour. Let yourself be refreshed by the Source of Sound and the sounds of the Shakuhachi.











01 Za-Zen                                                           1’56
Tony Scott, Hōzan Yamamoto
CD Music for Zen Meditation
Verve records 521 444-2, tr.6











02 Ko-kû                                                             9’46
Katsuya Yokoyama
CD Japon
Ocora C 580059, tr. 2











03 Koku                                                              8’59
The masters at Meianji
CD Japanese Masterpieces for the Shakuhachi
Lyrichord Lyrcd-7176, tr.1











04 Shin-kyorei                                                  17’59
Teruhisa Fukuda
CD Shakuhachi-Ecole Kinko, tr. 4








05 Sekiheki no Fu                                            13’45
Nakanoshima Kin’ichi (comp.)
Seizan Shibata (Kikusui Kofu) (arr.)
Masters of the Kikusui-ryu
CD Japanese Masterpieces for the Shakuhachi
Lyrichord Lyrcd-7176, tr.2











06 Ajikan                                                            9’43
Kokū Nishimura
CD Kyotaku

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