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sun 14 feb 2021 12:00 

In the coming weeks, on our journey through the world of String Quartets, we will be residing in England, or better: Great Britain, where mainly Felix Mendelssohn had a significant impact on the music scene. He even had some English students, including William Sterndale Bennett (1816-1875). As a teenager, he wrote a String Quartet in G major in the style of the Leipzig School.

Arthur Sullivan was a student in Leipzig as well, but Hubert Parry was in Stuttgart. In his years of schooling, teenaged Sullivan wrote two works for his string quartet: a Romance in G minor, a separate part of a quartet, which we know as the String Quartet in D minor. However, Sullivan became famous for his “light operas”, like The Mikado and Parry gained fame with his large orchestral and choir works. String Quartet No. 1 by teenaged Parry still exudes the feel of Mendelssohn.

William Sterndale Bennett (1816-1875) – String Quartet in G major (1831)

(1) Allegro moderato, (2) Adagio, (3) Menuetto. Allegro, (4) Finale. Allegro

Performers: Villiers Quartet

CD: Naxos

Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900) – Romance in G minor (1858?)

Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900) – String Quartet in D minor (1858/59)

Performers: Yeomans String Quartet

CD: SOMM Recordings

Hubert Parry (1848-1918) – String Quartet No. 1, in G minor (1867)

(1) Allegro con fuoco, (2) Andante, (3) Allegro vivace

Performers: Archaeus Quartet


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