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The String Quartet

sun 25 sep 2022 12:00 hour

Berthold Goldschmidt (1903-1996) – String quartet no.2 (1933-36) (25:30)

  1. Allegro molto e con fuoco, 2. Scherzo – Molto allegro quasi presto,
  2. Folia (Elegy) – Andante molto tranquillo, 4. Finale – Presto

Performed by: Mandelring Quartett

Hanns Eisler (1898-1962) – String quartet opus 75 (1938)

  1. Variationen, 2. Finale. Allegretto con spirito

Performed by: Leipziger Streichquartett

Paul Hindemith (1895-1963) – String quartet no. 7, in E-flat major (1945)

  1. Fast, 2. Quiet – Scherzando – 3. Slow – Fast,
  2. Canon, Moderately Fast – Gay

Performed by: Danish String Quartet

Berthold Goldschmidt became known with ht opera Der gewaltige Hahnrei. His music was soon banned as ‘entartet’ and in 1935 Goldschmidt decided to flee to England, where he worked for the BBC during the war. Goldschmidt composed his Second String Quartet partly in Germany, partly in England.

Hanns Eisler began collaborating with Berthold Brecht in 1930, resulting in several doctrinal pieces, including Die Massnahme and Die Mutter. In 1933, after the Nazi takeover, his music was banned. For years, he travelled through Europe, the United States and Mexico, until he moved to Hollywood in 1942. He composed his only quartet in 1938 in New York.

Hindemith also composed his Seven String Quartet in the United States. It was intended to be performed with his wife and some students at Yale University and, in its brevity, is both perfect and high quality home music.

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