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The String Quartet

sun 30 oct 2022 12:00 hrs

Presented by Leo Samama.

The remaining parts of Durosoir’s third string quartet are no less original than last week’s first. Joseph-Ermend Bonnal remained on the side, though not as extreme as Durosoir. Bonnal’s Second is less exuberant than the First Quartet but equally lilting and drawn-out. Occasionally, memories of Basque folk music resound.

Finally, Jean Rivier’s Second String Quartet, which dates from 1940, the first year of the War, can be heard. Its repercussions can only be discerned in the grand slow movement, which exudes resistance, anger, and great loneliness. Everything in this music sounds equally well thought-out and cleverly constructed, yes, Cartesian in intent, above all parties.


Lucien Durosoir (1878-1955) – Strijkkwartet nr.3 (1934)

  1. Assez lent – Rêveur, 3. Final (Avec feu)

Uitvoerenden: Quatuor Diotima

CD: Alpha

Joseph-Ermend Bonnal (1880-1944) – Strijkkwartet nr.2 (1934) 

  1. Grave juvénile, 2. Gravement, 3. Vif

Uitvoerenden: Debussy Quartet

CD: Arion

Jean Rivier (1896-1987) – Strijkkwartet nr.2 (1940)

  1. Moderato e grazioso, 2. Lento, 3. Moderato. Allegro molto

Uitvoerenden: Mandelring Quartet

CD: audite

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