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The String Quartet

sun 3 mar 2024 12:00 hrs
Composer: Alfredo Casella

At a young age, Alfredo Casella studied in Paris, at (among others) Fauré. He developed into a real eclectic, drawing inspiration from French impressionists in his early works, and later incorporating influences from Richard Strauss, Stravinsky, Bartók, and Schönberg. His first piece for string quartet, Cinque Pezzi, opus 34, from 1920 was influenced entirely by Stravinsky. And his Concerto for string quartet, opus 40, from 1924 pays homage to Baroque concertos, such as those by Vivaldi, while incorporating modern, dissonant harmonies.

Alfredo Casella (1883-1949) – 5 Pezzi, opus 34 (1920)

    1. Preludio, 2. Ninna-Nanna, 3. Valse Ridicule, 4. Notturno, 5. Fox-Trot

Performed by: Quartetto d’archi di Venezia

CD: Naxos

Alfredo Casella (1883-1949) – Concerto, opus 40 (1923/24)

    1. Sinfonia (Allegro brioso e deciso), 2. Siciliana (Andante dolcemente mosso), 3. Minuetto, Recitativo, Aria (Allegretto grazioso e molto moderato), 4. Canzone (Allegro giocoso e vivacissimo)

Performed by: Quartetto d’archi di Venezia

CD: Naxos

Produced & presented by:
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