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wed 23 dec 2015 20:00 hour

The echoes of Valentin Silvestrov. In this Theme broadcast attention for Silvestrov’s vocal and orchestral works, including his impressive ‘Symphony No. 6’.

A hint of nostalgia haunts through the works by the Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov. The 78-year-old composer sees his compositions as a postlude to the classical and contemporary music. An echo of ancient romance buzzes through his music, but Silvestrov always chooses for a majestic, almost static compositional approach. Silvestrov’s music is like set in time, compositions for an imaginary post-apocalyptic era. Intense melancholy and steady minimal development often return in his works.
Valentin Silvestrov:
1-2. ‘Diptych’: ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ + ‘Testament’ for choir (1995) on Valentin Silvestrov – Sacred Works.
Kiev Chamber Choir conducted by Mykola Hobdych.
ECM 2117 476 3316 CD
3-5. Three parts from song cycle ‘Silent Songs’ (1974-77): ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ + ‘O melancholy time’ + ‘Farewell, o world, o earth’, on Valentin Silvestrov – Silent Songs.
Sergey Yakovenko (baritone) + Ilya Scheps (piano).
ECM 1898 982 1756 CD
6-7. Two parts from song cycle ‘Stufen’ (1982): ‘Last Love’ + ‘I Have Forgotten The Word I Wanted To Say’, on Valentin Silvestrov – Stufen.
Jana Ivanilova (soprano) and Alexei Lubimov (piano).
Megadisc MDC 7832 CD
8-10. ‘Postludium’ for piano and orchestra (1984) in three parts, on Valentin Silvestrov – Symphony No. 5 + Postludium.
Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin conducted by David Robertson + Alexei Lubimov (piano)
Sony SK 66825 CD
11-15. ‘Symphony No. 6’ in five parts (1994/95), on Valentin Silvestrov – Symphony No. 6.
SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andrey Boreyko.
ECM 1935 476 5715 CD

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