mon 12 jan 2009 20:00 

Our Love Will Destroy The World: flying visit to the Birchville Cat Motel (1996-2008).
For over a decade, the sound wizard Campbell Kneale from New Zealand has been making extremely intense dronescapes under the name of Birchville Cat Motel. No-one knows exactly how he does it but the sound magic is none the worse for it. The sound of guitars, bagpipes, violins, electronics, and synthesizers merge every time to become illusory soundscapes. Sometimes brutal and merciless, at other times ethereal and pastoral. Music that embraces both the heavenly and the hellish. At the end of last year Kneale decided to do away with his project and live act Birchville Cat Motel. He had said everything he wanted to say as Birchville Cat Motel. Starting in 2009, Campbell Kneale is going to make music under the sinister name of Our Love Will Destroy The World. In this Theme broadcast we quickly bring a lightning visit to the Birchville Cat Motel. His catalogue is impressive, to say the least, with dozens of releases on LP, CD, and CD-R. With very recent music from his albums ‘Our Love Will Destroy The World’, ‘Seventh Ruined Hex’ and his magnum opus ‘Gunpowder Temple of Heaven’. Additionally, you will hear work from his classical release ‘Chi Vampires’.

1. ‘Bee’ op ‘Seventh Ruined Hex’. (Important CD IMPREC169).
2. ‘Buckling Metal Snowflakes’ on ‘Chi Vampires’. (C/Psi/P CD).
3. ‘Cold Herds Travel’ on ‘Chi Vampires’. (C/Psi/P CD).
4. ’55.000 Flowers for the hero’. on ‘Our Love Will Destroy The World’ (Pseudo Arcana PACD075).
5. ‘Gunpowder Temple of Heaven’. (Pica Disk Pica004 cd).