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mon 23 dec 2013 20:00 

Drone master Phill Niblock, eighty years old
Godfather of drone. The American Phill Niblock collected by the dozen meditative compositions, filled with lingering, seemingly static sounds and shimmering dominant tones. This year, Niblock had his eightieth birthday, which was celebrated around the world. The Touch label recently released a double CD with new works. In this Theme, early and brand new works by drone master Niblock.

 Phill Niblock Works:
1. ‘Hurdy Hurry’ (1999) on Touch Works, for hurdy gurdy and voice. Jim O’Rourke (hurdy-gurdy)
Touch TO49 CD
2. ‘A Y U aka “as yet untitled”’ (1999) on Touch Works, for hurdy gurdy and voice. Thomas Buckner (baritone, voice samples)
Touch TO49 CD
3. ‘Sweet Potato’ (2001) on Touch Food. Carol Robinson (bass clarinet, basset horn and Eb-clarinet)
Touch TO59 CD
4. ‘Feedcorn Ear’ (2012) on Touch Five. Arne Deforce (cello)
Touch TO91 CD
5. ‘Two Lips’ (2011) on Touch Five. Swarm Guitar Quartet.
Touch TO91 CD