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wed 24 jan 2018 20:00 hrs

Piano artist Julius Eastman.

Despite his tragic and lonely end of his life, there has been a true renaissance around the music of American composer Julius Eastman in the last few years. During his life, there was only limited recognition for this versatile composer, performer, pianist and vocalist. Eastman’s energetic minimal music works exert an unexpected large attraction to a new generation of listeners. But Eastman’s music also knows a more raw, theatrical side, where improvisation and powerful expressive motions claim a role. In his short life Julius Eastman (1940-1990) knew how to pull out all the stops. At the end of last year, his versatility was pointed out once again when a rare, live, improvised piano performance of Eastman suddenly saw the light of day. His dazzling ‘Zürich Concert’ from 1980 can be heard completely and is connected to some of his other piano compositions.


Julius Eastman:

1-3. ‘Piano 2’ (1986) for piano in three parts, on Joseph Kubera: Book of Horizons. Joseph Kubera, piano
New World Records 80745-2 CD 4.

‘Evil Nigger’ (1979) for four pianos, on Julius Eastman: Unjust Malaise.
Julius Eastman, Frank Ferko, Janet Kattas + Patricia Martin, pianos
New World Records 80638-2 CD 5.

‘The Zürich Concert’, live improvisation for solo piano (25 October 1980), on Julius Eastman: The Zürich Concert.
Julius Eastman, piano, vocals
New World Records 80797-2 CD


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