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Electric Ladyland.

This year, Lisa Rovner’s brilliant documentary Sisters with Transistors (2020) is finally showing in the Netherlands. A filmic ode to the female pioneers of electronic music. In the sixties and seventies, composers such as Maryanne Amacher, Éliane Radigue, Laurie Spiegel and Pauline Oliveros unfolded new and unprecedented electronic soundscapes. Groundbreaking music that also continues to inspire younger generations of musicians. In this edition of Thema we pay tribute to these pioneering sisters with transistors. Furthermore, a new electronic work by the Dutch composer Thomas Ankersmit that he dedicated to his colleague Maryanne Amacher.


1. Pauline Oliveros: ‘Bye Bye Butterfly’ (1965), for electronics, op Pauline Oliveros: Electronic Works. Pauline Oliveros (electronics). Paradigm Discs PD04 CD
2-4. Laurie Spiegel: ‘Three Modal Pieces: A Cosmos – A Legend – A Myth’ (1983), for McLeyvier-synthesizer, op Laurie Spiegel: Obsolete Systems. Laurie Spiegel (synthesizer) Electronic Music Foundation EMF019 CD
5. Maggi Payne: ’Moiré’ (1996), electroacoustic sound collage, op Various: A Storm of Drones. Maggi Payne (electronics). Asphodel/Sombient Asphodel0966 3CD
6. Éliane Radigue: ‘Occam Delta III’ (2013) for violin, altviolin and cello, op Éliane Radigue: Occam Ocean 3. Silvia Tarozzi (violin), Julia Eckhardt (altviolin) en Deborah Walker (cello). Shiiin Records eer3 CD
7. Maryanne Amacher: ‘Karyon: Sound Character’ (1995-96), for electronics/installation, op Various: A Storm of Drones. Maryanne Amacher (electronics). Asphodel/Sombient Asphodel0966 3CD
8. Thomas Ankersmit: ‘Perceptual Geography’ (2018-2019) for Serge Modular synthesizer, op Thomas Ankersmit: Perceptual Geography. Thomas Ankersmit (Serge Modular synthesizer). Shelter Press SP130 CD
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