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wed 8 jun 2022 20:00 

Electric guitar in classical music.

Classical music and electric guitar don’t seem very compatible. Classical music is generally about refinement, while electric guitar radiates a certain rawness.

Yet there are musicians who try to link the two, and with considerable results. Componist Kenneth Fuchs has immersed himself in the sound palette of the electric guitar and has written a very successful concerto, in which the instrument blends wonderfully with the symphony orchestra.

This programme features these and more “happy marriages” between classical instruments and electric guitar – by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Steve Reich and Frank Zappa, among others. Also on the agenda is a surprisingly beautiful work from Estonia for mixed choir and electric guitar by composers Robert Jürjendal, Raul Sööt and Tauno Aints.

Click here to watch a short promo video featuring interviews on Kenneth Fuchs’ electric guitar concerto Glacier (2015):




1.     Rob Haskens. Violin Music. Kevin Gallagher, electric guitar. Self-produced.

2.     Philip Rosheger. Elegy For Marianne. Kevin Gallagher, electric guitar. Self-produced.

3.     Steve Reich. Nagoya Electric. Kevin Gallagher, electric guitar. Self-produced.

4.     Frank Zappa. Revised Music for Guitar and Low-Budget Orchestra. Frank Zappa, electric guitar, with ad hoc orchestra. Zappa Records, ZR 3857.

5.     Kenneth Fuchs. Glacier (2015). London Symphony Orchestra led by JoAnn Faletta, D.J. Sparr, electric guitar. Naxos 8.559824.

6.     Steve Reich. Electric Counterpoint. Pat Metheny, electric guitar. None 7559-791762.

7.     Tauno Aints. Vitsa (“Flogging”), concerto for electric guitar and mixed choir (2013). Marzi Nyman, guitar; Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir led by Kaspars Putniņš. Toccata Next TOCN 0002.

8.     Karlheinz Stockhausen. Tierkreis (3 parts). Gilles Ballet, electric guitar; Patrick Brun, classical guitar. Cybelia CY 1127.

9.     Robert Jürjendal. See Öö oli pikk (“The Night was Long”). Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir; Weekend Guitar Trio. Toccata Next TOCN 0002.

10.  Raul Sööt. Vaikustski vaiksem (“Quieter than Silence”). Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir; Ain Agan, fretless guitar; Paul Daniel, electric guitar, Annika Löhmus, vocals. Toccata Next TOCN 0002.

11.  Tauno Aints. …teid täname (“…we thank you”). Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir; Weekend Guitar Trio; Marzi Nyman, guitar; Andre Maaker, guitar; Ain Agan, fretless guitar; Paul Daniel, electric guitar. Toccata Next TOCN 0002.