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wed 10 aug 2022 20:00 

American cellist Zoë Keating (1972).

American cellist Zoë Keating (1972) started classical cello lessons when she was eight years old. She dreamed of a career as a professional musician, until a crippling stage fright during her teenage years put an end to this dream. However, she continued to play the cello and in doing so discovered that she experienced no fear when improvising. In the early 2000s, she also discovered electronics, which enabled her to sample her cello live and make herself sound like a complete orchestra. From the struggle with stage fright in her teens, an entirely original improvisational style emerged. On tonight’s broadcast, we will hear four of her albums.



All music played and written by cellist Zoë Keating. The albums are self-released.

One Cello x 16 (EP)

–       Exurgency

–       Walking Man

–       Arrival

–       Updraught

–       Coda

One Cello x 16: Natoma

–       Sun Will Set

–       Legions (War)

–       Frozen Angels

–       Legions (Aftermath)

Into the Trees

–       Forest

–       Optimist

–       The Path

–       Lost

–       Hello Night

–       Seven League Boots

–       Flying & Flocking

–       Zinc

Snowmelt (EP)

–       Forte

–       Icefloe

–       Nix